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"Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?"


Lao Tzu 


“Being practical, rational and solutions driven by nature, my default response to emotionally charged situations was to shut down and bottle up my feelings. I developed communication habits based on an inability to speak up for, and protect my innermost needs. Internalizing the inevitable stress from this, year after year led to many ongoing health problems. 


Working with Elizabeth's herd of wonderful horses provided a safe place for my healing journey and allowed me to experience the residue of this trauma, process it through my body and allow deep healing to take place. How this all happens is impossible to describe, and must be experienced with an open mind, while trusting in the generous spirit of those wonderful horses, and of course through the guidance Elizabeth provides. Highly recommended as a healing journey.”


“I experienced a dramatic shift from the time I started my sessions with the horses. Each time I left I felt more grounded, calmer and clearer. As I progressed through the sessions I felt a deep sense of calm returning to me, like a burden had been lifted from me. With this newfound sense of calm, I felt able to rest, but also able to work through any emotions or memories that came up for me from a calmer place. 

In the sessions I received with Elizabeth and the horses, I felt an indescribable sense of support and with this support I felt able to go deeper, even be more vulnerable and open as the horses held the space with such calm strength.I am quite sure I wouldn’t have been able to experience such a profound sense of growth and transformation without the presence of Elizabeth and her horses, and the nurturing space she has created for this to take place. The way she works together with the horses is very special.

My experience was that the horses responded to me, and each situation in remarkable and deeply moving ways. Some of these responses where so precise, even down to the body part, which had frozen up in the session when I was speaking about a terrifying event. One of the horses came up and went straight to my frozen arms and licked them up and down, until they could move freely.

Some of those moments I will carry with me always, as a reminder of the great support and strength they showed me, and a connection that goes beyond words.”


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