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  • Horses at Equus Experiencing are descendants of horses my father brought to the family property 50 years ago.

  • Horses in their natural environment live in a herd and as prey animals they are highly attuned to each other and their environment. Our herd of horses join us in a comfortable and safe situation surrounded by nature. During a session the horses come into the therapeutic field, if they choose to participate.

  • A horse's electro magnetic field appears to influence a human's neurobiology from metres away. They entrain their nervous system to ours, assisting in the restoration of inner equilibrium. 

  • Horses are congruent; their outer expression matches their inner experience and it seems they are sensitive to human's in-congruency. I have witnessed them detect this lack of congruence and the whole herd move away without hesitation.

  • In the right conditions a horse has the ability to attune to a person’s emotional, physiological state. I have observed repeatedly, horses identify energy blockages in a human’s body. By physically dislodging the discordant energy, they assist in the releasing process; which is necessary if the neurobiological functioning is to recalibrate to a healthier state.

  • As clients authentically connect to their inner experience, horses will synchronise and attune to the human neurobiology as it self organises. Lewis, Amini & Lannon (2000) describe this process of an interpersonal neural hook-up as 'limbic resonance'. It has been scientifically understood that mirror neurons enable the experiencing of the emotional/physiological state of another.

  • Healthy boundaries are an essential part of a person defining themselves. Through the connection with the horse, a client can become absorbed in the experience of the self and the other, which results in a deepening of self-connection and a clearer sense of self in relation to the other. 

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