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Healing Through the Aesthetic of Natural Wisdom
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


Welcome to Equus Experiencing a place where people, nature and horses collaborate to bring about your transformation.


At Equus Experiencing we understand there resides in the body an innate wisdom to heal. And given the right therapeutic conditions the effects of chronic stress, trauma and  PTSD can be transformed 'bringing forth' goodness, vitality and resilience.


Our horses contribute profound support to healing, by attuning and resonating with your nervous system. Enabling the unfolding of an elegant mystery as the body's systems are restored to balance, and where there is a deepening of authentic connection to self, others and the whole.

About Us


Elizabeth Halbert, BSW AMHSW

Elizabeth has worked as a clinical social worker in psychiatric wards, hospitals, community health centres and in private practice, mainly in Australia and London, UK. With over 35 years of experience as a well regarded psychotherapist and family therapist she has worked with a diverse range of psycho/social and neurobiological issues. A constant underpinning has been her enquiry to find a therapeutic intervention which is effective. Effective in that it enables change, resilience and well-being. 


Elizabeth is an experienced horsewoman, she grew up in rural Western Australia where horses were an intrinsic part of her life. From a young age she would ride out spending hours in the saddle, returning home at night under the stars with the joy of the sublime connection with the natural world.


She has practiced meditation for many years and is inspired by an ancient and timeless wisdom. This inspiration also informed a vital art practice.


Over the past 12 years the focus of her clinical practice has shifted to transforming lives through healing the effects of trauma and stress. Utilising a mindfulness body based therapeutic approach. Elizabeth trained with Somatic Experiencing® International and her interest and study continue in the field of neuroscience and transformation. Her collaboration with horses was inspired through training at the Centre for Equine Experiential Learning in Victoria.



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